Friday, 28 July 2017

Forced Rotation Random Orbital Polisher

The same safety feature which reduces the possibility of damage from a dual action polisher also prevents it from removing very deep scratches. While a dual action polisher will improve the appearance of scratches and remove most swirls, it does not produce enough kinetic energy (heat) to cut deep into the paint.
If you need deeper scratch removal, this will require a forced rotation or rotary polisher.

Keep in mind, these polishes in inexperienced hands can quickly ‘burn’ the paint. Especially on panel edges. The pad spins at high speeds and it's up to the operator to keep the polisher moving at all times. If the polisher lingers for too long on one spot, it can burn through the paint.

Forced Rotation Dual action machine has both a centrifugal and a centripetal motion (RPM) and a direct drive orbital (OPM) motion with forced rotation, which means that the back plate rotates by a gear mechanism in a forced circular motion, as the back plate rotates it also oscillates in a random pattern. One action is the circular rotation and the second action is the random movement of the backing plate while it is rotating.

This type of motion is 50% faster at accomplishing the desired results than a dual action machine.

What makes this type of movement ‘safe’ is the comparatively lower torque electric motor on these units, so that it's virtually impossible to apply too much-concentrated pressure in one place at one time

. Chances are good that when too much pressure is applied, the oscillating action will come to a stop thereby protecting the finish.

Forced rotation means that the buffing head oscillates at the same time it's rotating. DA polishers do the same thing but with forced rotation, it uses a direct drive to force the pad to both rotate and oscillate with no allowance for slippage.

Forced rotation requires that the operator pay close attention and have a steady hand to control the machine, this is a more powerful polisher than a dual action polisher.Because of its design, it more
similar power normally associated with direct drive rotary buffers but the in-built safety of dual action polishers

. It is almost impossible to ‘burn’ or install paint swirls as long as you use approved pads and products. A forced rotation polisher exhibits the best of both worlds.

Forced rotation is a little harder for a neophyte to learn than a dual action polisher, but the transition is very easy if you're already familiar with dual action polishers. If you're used to using a rotary buffer, it won't take you long to see the differences.

A forced rotation polisher (Flex 3401) polisher is a German engineered forced rotation action. Featuring VR microprocessor control with tacho generator constant speed control, soft start, continuous speed control trigger, restart protection after power failure, overload protection, temperature monitoring and speed selection. Ideal for professional and enthusiast details alike

Forced rotation is ideal for:

* Detailers who have used dual action polishers and are ready for the next step.
* Detailers who are new to machine polishing but able to learn quickly.
* Detailers looking for a safe, but more powerful polisher as compared to a traditional orbital buffer.
* Anyone wanting to start a part-time or full-time detailing business.
* Anyone with a detailing business that wants to add a multi-purpose tool to their detailing arsenal.
* Detailers that work in body shops looking for a tool to ensure a swirl-free finish.
* Boat Detailers/owners looking for a better way to maintain their boat.
* Airplane detailers/owners looking for a safer, faster way to maintain their aeroplanes' finishes.
* Vehicle with dense (hard) paint forced rotation will provide a far better finish.
I've used them on a few German vehicles and along with Menzerna diminishing abrasives, it is more than adequate.

* The smooth running produces a flawless and hologram-free finish
* Forced rotation offers far more correction ability than a dual action polisher 

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Repairing / Renovation of Scratched or Curbed Wheel

Aluminium corrosion
Aluminium alloys are alloys in which aluminium is the predominant metal. The highly reactive nature of aluminium metal is normally masked by the protective oxide film (White rust), which readily forms in moist air and renders the metal kinetically stable. Galvanic corrosion can occur when an aluminium alloy is placed in electrical contact with other metals with a more negative corrosion potential than aluminium.

· Thoroughly clean the affected surfaces of all soil and grease residues with a d-limonene (citrus) based solvent cleaner (P21S® Total Auto Wash) prior to processing.  
· Brush it down with a wire brush to get rid of all the powder.
· Clean the surface with PrepSol and then sand any scratched or damaged areas with Norton 3X Sandpaper (p-graded aluminium oxide grain,) 60, 80 or 100 grit sand paper, sand wet or dry with a rubber sanding block.
· Use a tack rag and wipe the area, using a light pressure
· Then treat with etch primer, maybe two or more coats.
· Follow with ordinary primer and top coat.

Repairing Scratched or Curbed Wheels
Damage to your wheels can come from: curb damage, wheel weight scratches, low acid spray, lug nut impact wrench, auto accident, and road salt, which leads to oxidation. These blemishes can ruin the appearance of your car; refurbishment can help retain its value.
Replacement  costs for allowing wheels can cost  hundreds of dollars, but the restoration of your scuffed alloys and scraped wheel rims makes your whole car look pristine again

• Wheel Collision Center –http//
• Wheels America  8004-Fix-Rim – Powder coat Finish -
• Mobile Wheel Repair (US, UK) -
• Wheel Repair UK -

Be cognizant that serious damage to a wheel may affect the vehicle’s alignment and subsequent steering, always check for structural damage (i.e. surface cracks) or deformed rims, which should always be replaced. Shop cosmetic/appearance wheel repair- approx. $150 –250 per wheel, usually 48 hours (dependent upon geographical area)

These procedures are for aesthetic and slight damage only
Taking the wheel(s) off makes it far easier to work on and much more comfortable than stooping down

Small Scuff Repairs (Alloy Wheels)
Time: 4 – 6 hours per wheel for a complete wheel-off repair and repaint renovation. Materials-2-17 oz. Wurth Clean-Solve, 2-10.2 oz. 1Z Einszett Spray Paint Primer "Haft-Grund", 2-13.5 oz. 1Z Einszett Silver Wheel Spray Paint, 2- 13.5 oz. Wurth High Gloss Clear Lacquer, 14 oz. Bondo®  (approx total 90 USD)

See also Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
• Remove the damaged wheel from vehicle.
• Deflate the tyre by unscrewing cap and pushing in valve, once the tyre is flat push the tyre wall down (gently) by standing on it, and then  tuck masking tape underneath the wheel rim, working your way around slowly

• Molecular Tech Coatings Inc., EFS-2500 aircraft paint stripper is environment-friendly. It can get easily decomposed and is also non-toxic as well. In terms of chemical composition, there is no methylene chloride, no carbonic acid, and no formic acid present in the paint stripper. Hence, it is perfectly safe to use.
• Clean the damaged area with PrepSol and then sand the scratched or damaged area with Norton 3X Sandpaper (p-graded aluminium oxide grain) 60, 80 or 100 grit sand paper, sand wet or dry with a rubber sanding block.
• Use a tack rag and wipe the area, using a light pressure
• Only use filler (Bondo Lightweight Filler 264 and Red Cream Hardener) if it’s essential to the e repair, if used incorrectly it will flake and significantly reduce the effective lifespan of the repair. Fill any minor indentations with Bondo, allowing approx 30 minutes before you shape/sand
• Sand the wheels until you've removed the scratches, `kerbing' marks and/or smoothed the Bondo filler flush with the wheel surface.
• Continue the sanding process using finer and finer grades of UniGrit paper, 220 or 320 grit and finally with 500-grit paper.
• For small hard to reach places use a Dremel Rotary Tool and a suitable sanding bit

(For painting / refinishing wheel surface see “Refinishing”)

Repairing a Damaged Polished Aluminium Lip
Dremel 3000 Variable Speed Rotary Tool, plus accessories-  kit # 697-- #952 CONE shaped Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone and - #413 Sanding Discs 240 GRIT
1. Using the Dremel on its lowest setting with the (#952) Cone shaped stone and grind down the burrs to as near smooth as you can.
2. Change attachments to the (#413) Sanding discs and smooth the surfaces
3. Start by using 800 grit finishing paper and then work through 1000, 1500 and finally 2500.
4. Using #0000 synthetic steel wool to bring back the shine
5. Finally, finish polishing with OPT Optimum Metal Polish
6. Use a clear polymer  protection (OPT Optimum Opti-Coat)

Removing Surface Scratches:
The clear coat on wheel surfaces is usually thicker than that of the main paint surfaces but check with a PTG before you start to polish.

Use a 6-inch wool pad and a polishing compound (polish selected is dependent upon the extent of damage) it may take a few passes; follow with a foam pad and a finishing polish.
Felt Polishing Cones - if you're faced with polishing tight places, try some versatile polishing wheels. They come in various sizes and shapes to complete just about every polishing project-wheel, intake manifolds. Fitted to an electric drill they will quickly restore an ‘as-new’ OEM finish.

Surface Preparation
· Ensure wheels and rotors are cool before applying cold water as this may cause them to warp.
· Hose off as much initial grime as you can.
· Rinse up into the wheel well to wash away road kill, mud and other debris.
· Use detailing clay and lubrication to remove any embedded contaminants
· Use a d-limonene (citrus) based cleaner to remove any road tar or oil. Apply P21S® Total Auto Wash  to wheel surfaces and let soak in, agitate with a long-handled boar’s haired brush before rinsing
· Spray P21S® Wheel Cleaner (Gel or Liquid) this cleaner is 100% acid-free and will not damage any type of wheel finish. (Gel for badly soiled and regular for normal soil) onto wheel rims and let soak in (for badly soiled surfaces us P21S®-Red (422) or Sonax Wheel Cleaner both are formulated with neutralised acid salt
· Used the P21S® Polishing Soap on the clean wheel to polish the lips, inner wheel, and face of the wheel. (agitate lightly on the clear coated parts)
· Before finally removing cleaner, agitate with a soft brush and then rinse off

See also Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Be cognizant that most European OEM wheels are powder coated so paint won’t be an exact match. Place the can in a bucket of hot water for ten minutes prior to spraying. This lowers its viscosity and it will spread more evenly without ‘runs’, it also raises the temperature of the air inside, which in turn  increases the pressure, enabling a much better spray ‘pattern’ resulting in a better finish.

• Remove the damaged wheel from vehicle.
• Deflate the tyre by unscrewing cap and pushing in valve, once the tyre is flat push the tyre wall down (gently) by standing on it, and then  tuck masking tape underneath the wheel rim, working your way around slowly
• Molecular Tech Coatings Inc., EFS-2500 aircraft paint stripper is environment-friendly. It can get easily decomposed and is also non-toxic as well. In terms of chemical composition, there is no methylene chloride, no carbonic acid, and no formic acid present in the paint stripper. Hence, it is perfectly safe to use.
• Clean the damaged area with PrepSol and then sand the scratched or damaged area with Norton 3X Sandpaper (p-graded aluminium oxide grain) 60, 80 and finishing with 100 grit sand paper, sand wet or dry with a rubber sanding block.
• Tack clothes help control dust by picking it up off the surface and also helps eliminate static that attracts dust. Use a tack rag and wipe the area, using a light pressure
• Only use filler (Bondo Lightweight Filler 264 and Red Cream Hardener) if it’s essential to the repair, if used incorrectly it will flake and significantly reduce the effective lifespan of the repair. Fill any minor indentations with Bondo, allowing approx 30 minutes before you shape/sand
• Sand the wheels until you've removed the scratches, `kerbing' marks and/or smoothed the Bondo filler flush with the wheel surface.
• Continue the sanding process using finer and finer grades of UniGrit paper, 220 or 320 grit and finally with 500-grit paper.
• For small hard to reach places use a Dremel Tool and a suitable sanding bit

Note- If the above cleaning method don’t finish to wheels to your liking have them bead blasted

Repainting (cast aluminium ) Wheel Surface
See also Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
OEM Factory wheel finishes are either an acrylic polymer or a polyester powder coat process, which is the most durable finish you can use. The following will result in a durable re-finished repaint colour match
· Molecular Tech Coatings Inc., EFS-2500 aircraft paint stripper is environment-friendly. It can get easily decomposed and is also non-toxic as well. In terms of chemical composition, there is no methylene chloride, no carbonic acid, and no formic acid present in the paint stripper. Hence, it is perfectly safe to use.
· Prepare the surface by removing all sandpaper residues with a tack rag, wash the surface and then dry thoroughly.
· Use 3M Painters Masking Tape between the tyre and the wheel rim (or use Vaseline to mask the tyre from paint overspray)
· Wipe-down the wheels with DuPont Prep Sol and allow to air dry.
· Apply a thin coat of 1z 'Haft-Grund' Self-etching Primer to stabilize and provide an etched surface.
· Use at temperatures between 70 – 90.oF (.Do not use this paint in damp conditions)
· Shake the can well for at least a full minute
· Push the spray nozzle as you sweep across and release at the end.  
· Spray on, spray off.  Spray on, spray off; apply as a very fine/thin coat.   
· Paint the wheels with two thin coats of silver alloy paint (Wurth German Alloy Silver Wheel) to ensure complete coverage
· Apply your first coat of clear then allow it to dry to the touch before applying your next coats. This ‘tack coat will help stop the paint from sliding into ‘run’ formation.
· Allow air-drying; 1-2 hours on final coat and then lightly sand finish, then leave to cure overnight.
· Finish with a clear lacquer paint (Wurth European Blend Lacquers) apply two or three thin coats of clear with about 20-30 minutes of drying time between coats to seal the silver metallic paint and add depth and gloss
· A allow clear coat to air-dry and then cure for 4-6 hours
· Apply a sealant for protection
· If your axle/ wheel centres (hats) are cast iron, you may want to consider painting the hat area with some hi-temp black engine paint

Product details
Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, VW, and most other European OEMs use a cast aluminium alloy wheels. They're usually painted (Titanium) silver and have a clear coated finish or have a silver powder coated finish
1. 1z 'Haft-Grund' Self-etching Primer - bare metal (steel or aluminium) wheels should be primed first with a self' -etching primer and is lead and cadmium-free Applied under a topcoat of urethane paint provides a secondary method of protecting the steel from corrosion. This primer bonds to bare metal and forms a base suitable for synthetic resin, acrylic lacquer and nitro combination paints. A single can will prime two wheels

Warning - Do not use this primer on painted or clear-coated wheels where you are touching-up scuffs and scrapes. A self-etching Primer is for use only on wheels that have been taken down to bare metal.

2. Wurth German Alloy Silver Wheel Paint (Aerosol) can be used as a spot touch-up or whole wheel repaints, one can is enough to coat two complete wheels. This paint is unusually user-friendly, it’s a fast-drying lacquer that matches the standard wheel paint or powder coated finish used by Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, VW, Audi and most other European OEMs. One aerosol restores two complete wheels. to match the OEM gloss of new vehicles

3. Wurth European Blend Lacquers (Aerosol) - used for all German (silver) painted wheels, to match the OEM gloss of new vehicles. This paint is unusually user-friendly, it’s a fast-drying lacquer that matches the standard allow wheel paint use by Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, VW, Audi and most other European OEMs. Wurth German Alloy Silver Wheel Lacquer can be effectively used for spot repairs or full wheel restoration. One can is enough to coat two complete wheels. For the best results, use at temperatures between 70 and 90.0F

Prevention is better than cure
Protect Your Alloy Wheels from Kerb Damage - RimPro-Tec 

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Selecting a Professional Detailer

If you are considering having someone detail your car, I would urge you to use the same judgement you would in any other area of your car's maintenance, and treat with suspicion anybody offering a really low price. Don’t automatically assume that anyone that calls themselves a professional detailer is, in fact, a pro. Some have passed themselves off as competent professionals by stealing images of work done by others without their permission.

It may well be in your best interest to talk to a detailer who has a proven track record of satisfied customers as well as the relevant insurances, and someone offering a lower quote might not.
Request a reputable detailer’s name (s) on one of the detailing forums. Once you’ve selected a detailer to be specific about what services you require (i.e. full vehicle detail, exterior paint renovation, interior detailing, etc) 

It requires an exchange of information between the consumer and the shop so that the extent of each detail and the estimated cost, a vehicle drop-off and collection time are clearly established before work commences.
A successful outcome will rely on good communication between you and the chosen professional. You want someone that makes you feel at ease with the process, someone that you can easily trust. They should be able to answer your questions in simple easy to understand terms, not techno speak so that you understand what needs to be done, and the benefits.

Listen to their suggestions.  The more that things can be explained and agreed upon, the more at ease that they can make you feel, and the more confident that you can be in their ability to meet or exceed your expectations.

An accurate estimate can only be given when the professional is able to see the vehicle and ascertain your expectations, a phone-quote can only be a ball-park figure. Many professionals will need 10+ hours of work to transform your vehicle back to like-new condition

Some things you may want to consider
· Look for a courteous staff willing to answer all of your questions.
· Look for policies regarding estimates, labour rates or pricing, guarantees, acceptable methods of payment, etc.
· A Professional Detailer should have been in (full-time) business for at least one year
· Should have business licensed and be state registered
· Ensure they have adequate insurance cover (including Public Liability) and that they are a registered business
· Obtain (telephone number) references from three recent clients and check them
· How long they have been in business
· Check with the local Better Business Bureau  
· Ask them where they received their training and what products they use.
· Ask the prospective detailer for photographs of vehicles they have done recently (most detailers have a portfolio) or they may have photos posted on detailing forums of their work on similar models
· Ask them their detailing ‘steps’ this will indicate exactly what you are paying for
· Ask them what detailing products they use (known brand names are preferable)
· Do they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee?
· Discuss a price and if satisfied set-up an appointment
· If they quote a very low price it could reflect the quality of service offered.

After Care

Provide tips on avoiding scratches by proper washing and drying techniques and any other tips they can give to maintain the finish on your vehicle. Client education in the aesthetic care of their vehicle should be equally as important as the detailing. The most common cause of surface scratches is washing the car improperly or using unsuitable washing media so I would suggest they explain or demonstrate the correct vehicle paint washing technique.

 Detailing Pricing Guide

As with most other things, the price of automotive detailing varies by quite a wide margin. Many more people are concerned with perceived value (a cheap price) as opposed to quality; the secret is to sell quality over price while keeping in mind client needs.

The cost of having a professional perform a detailing job on your vehicle will vary by geographical region, the experience and reputation of the detailer, and the condition of your vehicle, and your expectations of the finished detail, among other factors. Most detailers will offer a specified package of services that are included in their standard prices, and generally will provide additional services on request for an additional fee.

Exterior (8 hours)
· Wash and dry exterior paint – 1.5
· Detailer’s clay – 1.0
· Tyres and Wheel surfaces – 0.5
· Clean exterior glass – 0.5
· Clean and lightly polish paint – 1.5  
· Wax or seal paint -1.0
· Clean and protect rubber seals – 0.5
· Exhaust, tyres and trim etc 1.5 hours
Interior (4.5 hours)
· Brush and Vacuum carpets – 0.5
· Shampoo mats – 0.5
· Shampoo / extract carpet – 1.0
· Clean upholstery – 1.0
· Apply protection to vinyl and leather – 0.5
· Clean interior glass -0.5
· Deodorize interior - 10 min
· Protect carpet and upholstery – 0.5

This level of detail on an average sized and condition vehicle would take approx 13 hours, a larger vehicle will obviously take more time, most professional detailers will charge between $400 and $550 to do this level of work. 

Depending on location/skill level / /reputation, to transform a vehicle back to ‘like-new condition; so expect to pay a fair price for the amount of work involved.

Detailing Checklist
1. Inspect the vehicle
2. Note any serious scratches, stains or tears to interior materials
3. Adhesive residue, tree sap, bug spatters
4. Leaves, debris in jambs and cowlings
5. Remove all trash from interior including trunk, ashtray (place small change in Ziploc bag) and seat folds
6. Note stains or heavily soiled carpet or upholstery
7. Pre-spot and brush stained or heavily soiled areas
8. Clean wheels and wheel wells
9. Clean engine
10. Remove tar and/or adhesive residue
11. Wash vehicle
12. Clay vehicle if needed
13. Remove tree sap if needed
14. Polish and apply paint protection
15. Remove any polish residue
16. Dress tires
17. Interior cleaning:
18. Remove all items from interior and place in a Ziploc bag
19. Vacuum all surfaces
20. Pre-soak carpet and upholstery stains
21. Scrub stained areas with brush
22. Finish cleaning carpet and upholstery and apply fabric guard
23. Clean all interior surfaces, vinyl, and leather
24. Dress all interior surfaces
25. Clean interior and exterior glass
26. Replace all items in vehicle (Ziploc bag)
27. Final vehicle inspection

Paint Renovation / Restoration
Surface preparation for polish/compounding
· Wash 1 – 1.5 hours
· Paint surface decontamination 2 -2.5 hours
· Detailer’s clay 1.5 hours
· Rinse and dry surface 2 -2.5

Paint correction details- as a basic guide for each stage
Test panel – 2-3 hours
Compound 8 – 10 hours
Polishing 10 – 12 hours per stage
Wipe down process 2 -3 hours
Finishing 8 – 10 hours
Wet-sanding 3 – 4 hours per panel.

Sanding a painted surface is a very labour intensive way to eliminate orange peel or other paint surface problems; this method can take an entire day to sand and polish a vehicle properly ($1200 +)

Marketing on the Internet

Social Media Sites
There has been an explosion in the popularity of online communities where people can network, exchange information and ideas as well as advertise their products/services. An online presence has become essential for any business that wants to be visible to their market sector.

Carefully used, it allows companies to build a passion for their products and services by writing clear, targeted copy with concise text that speaks directly to the audience you wish to reach. Make sure that you highlight any unique features that differentiate you from the competition. If your goal is brand/company name recognition, we suggest using your company name in the title or somewhere in the body of the text
Create your copy so that it is as simple and easy to read as possible. Avoid long sentences or complex punctuation. Use simple, grammatically correct, complete sentences and language. Use proper punctuation, punctuate the end of sentences, put spaces after full stops and commas, and don't use hyphens instead of full stops.

Don't try to fit every detail about your product or service into the text Make it clear what your product or service is so a user can tell what your website will be about, but save the details for your landing page.
Your copy should convey a call-to-action along with the benefits of your product or service. A call-to-action encourages users to click on your advert and should explain to the user exactly what you expect them to do when they reach your landing page. Some call-to-action phrases include: buy, sell, order, browse, sign up and get a quote.

Face book is a social network service, although their face book Page is aimed at business marketing. Their website was launched in February 2004 that is operated and privately owned by face book, Inc. As of July 2010, it has more than 500 million active users, which is about one person for every fourteen in the world
There are two types of face book, a personal one that can be used as a day to day personal event diary and a face book Page that allows professionals to have a web presence distinct from their website. Create a face book Page and start talking to your customers in a few easy steps -

It is important to promote your page. Let a client know after you have detailed their car, shown or sold them a car to check out your profile on face book Page. The more people following you on face book the more likely others are willing to like your business and the more likely those viewing your profile will become your next client, especially when they see all of the positive feedback. A page lets you display all of the relevant information potential customers might be looking for such as:

· An overview of your services
· Website for more information and pricing
· Contact Information
· Location
· Hours of operation
· Reviews
· Customer interaction
· Photographs  of vehicles cars and boats you have detailed

Face book pages are extremely easy to update and provide analytics information so you can see how often users are visiting your pages, liking what you post, or sharing your page.

It will take a time to build up your fan base, just remember to always be asking people to become a fan of your page. Constantly promote your page as much as possible and be sure to keep your content fresh to keep old fans coming back and to entice viewers to join in. If you have a website or email marketing program make sure to cross-promote your business page

Face book Pages are increasingly becoming a “second home page” for businesses online. And while more and more Page owners are learning how to become expert face book marketers, face book has recently created many new opportunities for Pages to get more traffic through the tried and true methods of – you guessed it – search engine optimisation (SEO).

Marketing APIs help advertisers achieve success on Facebook at scale through efficiency and innovation. Facebook has developed a set of Marketing APIs to enable developers to offer innovative solutions that help marketers scale their presence on - Face book Marketing Solutions -

10 Key SEO Strategies Every face book Page Owner Should Know - - is a website that uses Face book to connect people who need high-value goods or services with trustworthy professionals that their friends recommend. When you need to make an important purchase, it is better to deal with people you know. You will get a better deal, with less stress and hassle. makes it easy to find the right people by searching your personal Face book network. To get started, use the search box to tell us what you need - we'll find someone who can help. It helps professionals build their reputation and referral networks on Face book. The site does this by collecting hundreds of recommendations and referrals on professional profiles.

The average Face book user has 40,000 friends and friends-of-friends on Face book. allows you to tap into this vast universe of potential buyers and turn your social network into a referral network, driving you business from buyers with whom you already have a personal connection.
If you are a professional looking to build your reputation and referral network on Face book, follow the directions to connect with your Face book account and build a profile.

If you are looking to find a trusted professional, simply search for the kind of help you need in the search box and connect with professionals in your network recommended by your friends

Blog- if you only have the time or desire to create one social media platform, a blog should be at the top of your list. Blogs give users a few distinct advantages over the other platforms that make them absolutely invaluable in the world of Internet marketing, plus search engines love blogs. First, become the “go-to” expert in your industry.  
They have plenty of content and are easy for the spiders to crawl and categorise online. Second, consumers love blogs. They aren’t hard sales, but instead are a mix of marketing and education that online shoppers trust.

Really Simple Syndication (RSS)
RSS allows you to see when websites have added new content, as soon as its published, without having to visit the websites you have taken the feed from. Feeds are also known as RSS. There is some discussion as to what RSS stands for, but most people plump for 'Really Simple Syndication'. In essence, the feeds themselves are just web pages, designed to be read by computers rather than people.

If you do any online networking, especially on social sites that use the Ning platform, you can add your blog’s RSS feed to your profile. Every time you update your blog, your profile will be updated with the new information from your blog. Other people may wish to syndicate your blog, or they may wish to add you to their blog reader. Providing an easy accessible RSS url on your blog will increase the chance that other people will follow your blog.

Submit your blog to different blog directory sites, but they need to know your RSS URL; simply add this to the end of your blog address: /atom.xml (i.e. http://TOGWT ® with some bloggers you add feed after .com

YouTube - the main video sharing platform, YouTube is one of the best forums available to create a viral marketing campaign. From publishing client video testimonials to creating social proof of your abilities, YouTube videos are a great way to get other site owners to link to your website.

 Twitter - is a micro blog that limits posts to 140 characters. Although you’ll typically hear the most scepticism about Twitter, it can be an amazing tool for your business.
Twitter plug-ins allow you to update Twitter and literally push it out to your other platforms, such as Face book. Additionally, Twitter posts rank in the search engines

LinkedIn - is a popular business profile site, LinkedIn ranks very well in search engines and is a great platform for sending event updates out to business associates.
When optimising your Social Media sites, select one core keyword (or search term you would like to be found under), use it frequently without sacrificing consumer experience, and watch your profile skyrocket in the search engines.

Social Media Marketing is a vital addition to any public relations marketing campaign. With a Facebook Page that has interesting and regular updates to it s content, you’ll get people following your every move, which will lead to more customers and higher sales; the exact payoff every business needs.

Detailing Forums

Posting a descriptive write-up and photographs (always obtain owner’s permission before posting and blanking out their registration plate) of details carried out is another great form of marketing

An Internet website is a very viable resource for marketing. Costing as little as $500 depending on what you want doing.. Hire a competent professional web designer, the internet is an ever evolving so you need to hire a person to give you a professional web presence; it's their job to understand it.

Ensure there are no spelling errors, and thoroughly check the quality of written English, as these types of mistake will put off consumers who could have concerns about a website's credibility, and will negatively impact sales.  This is because when you sell or communicate on the internet 99% of the time it is done by the written word.

Contact a web developer that will provide both an attractive and easily negotiated website, ensure you can make updates to the website easily and make sure it has the ability to capture e-mail information about visitors through registration for a “car care” newsletter or tips.

From the e-mail information, you will be able to follow up and better serve clients and potential clients. When you run a promotion this e-mail list will get your company name and a specific promotion directly into the inboxes of your clients and potential clients.

Have a regularly updated  section on ‘Car Care’ so that you can provide advice and ensure both clients and potential clients visit your site, which keeps your company name fresh in their minds and will boost recognition
Page Speed Online analyses the content of a web page, and then generates suggestions to make that page faster. Reducing page load times can reduce bounce rates and increase conversion rates - or Torbit -

The single largest upload speed killer is image resolution. Develop a standard practice with your photos and images, with Photoshop or whatever image hosting site you use you use, set the resolution to 72dpi If your images are higher resolution than this you are wasting bandwidth and significantly reducing the amount of time the site needs to load. Scale down image size and resolution, the larger the image the more bandwidth you'll need.

Email Marketing Software
Create profitable customer relationships for your business; a website owner’s email marketing tools like professional email signup forms and auto responder services make it easy for you to build your email list and stay in touch with prospects. -

Back links
These are links from other websites.
Some examples:
1. You create an entry on that includes your web address.
2. You edit your signature on to include a link to your website.
3. You publish an article about car care on that includes a link to your website.
4. The car dealers and other automotive businesses you work for include a link to your website on their own websites.
Google sees all of these links to your website as "votes" as to your popularity on the Internet. Generally speaking, the website with the most "votes" gets the top spot on Google. [602rwtq Autopia]
Google Places

Millions of people search Google Maps every day. A free listing on Google Maps makes it easy for them to find you.

Use Google Places to create your free listing. When potential customers search Maps for local information, they'll find your business: your address, hours of operation, even photos of your storefront or products. It's easy, free, and you don't need a website of your own. Local customers are already searching for the products and services you offer. Why not make it easy for them to find you on Google search and on Google Maps? Google Places is the place to start -

Search engine optimisation (S.E.O)

[:is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site or a web page (such as a blog) from search engines via "natural" or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results as opposed to other forms of search engine marketing (SEM) which may deal with paid inclusion.

The theory is that the earlier (or higher) a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine. SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, video search and industry-specific vertical search engines This gives a web site web presence] [1]

S.E.O is an acronym for search engine optimisation or more simply; how to get more ‘traffic’ to your Website or Blog. The practice of obtaining high search engine rankings by performing keyword research, modifying the HTML code to reflect such keywords and building relationships with other websites to promote your site via a linking campaign
Search Engine Optimisation Starter Guide -

SEO can also lift your site, by helping search engines find your site. Search engines on the Internet allow users to type in key words such as “detailers,” “detail services,” a company name, or anything else. In the blink of an eye, the search engine scans the millions of sites on the web and lists those that have meta-tags identical to the typed-in search term.

This tool is very helpful for finding out the strongest words on your site. Make sure you keep your site title relevant to the content. Some things to include; keyword research, title tag and word search optimization, search, working on HTML source code, image, hyperlink and header tag optimization and page ranking -

Programming in ‘Flash’ my look attractive, however, it's invisible to search engines, because to an SEO it’s essentially a collection of pictures and not actual text. Google does not recognise pictures; only text.  
Meta-tags are simply words and phrases that describe the contents of your website and the nature of your business, making it easier for the search engines and interested viewers to find you.
Meta-tags are not a magic key to site effectiveness, but they do increase the chances that your site will be included in the list that pops up when a web surfer types in a key word or phrase.
The use of meta-tags is a technical subject you should discuss with your web designer to make certain that they include a full measure of appropriate tags in your home page. How to Use HTML Meta Tags -

Web Crawlers

A web crawler is a relatively simple automated program or script that methodically scans or crawls through Internet pages to create an index of the data it's looking for. Alternative names for a web crawler include web spider, web robot, crawler, and automatic indexer.

There are many different uses for a web crawler. Probably the most common use associated with the term is related to search engines. Search engines use web crawlers to collect information about what is available on public web pages. Their primary purpose is to collect data so that when Internet surfers enter a search term on their site, they can quickly provide the surfer with relevant web sites.

All the content is taken by the Web Crawlers and copied onto indexes.  The frequencies of the visits by web crawlers to websites depend on the popularity, quality, size of the website and the number of visitors a websites receive. A website such as face book is crawled several times per day, however, if we have a website that receives only a few hits per month the web crawlers may only visit once every few months in order to check for updates.

Pay per Click (PPC)
Advertising on Google is the most powerful breakthrough in marketing this century, yet very few small business owners truly understand its power. I'll be keeping you updated on Pay per Click in the weeks and months ahead.

The key to successful advertising is to find a method of conveying your information to as many people as possible while keeping your advertising costs to a minimum. PPC advertising may be one of the easiest ways to generate traffic to your website
Using Video and Social Media

Taking a video of a detail (seek the owner’s permission beforehand) and then up loading it to YouTube, face book or other social media networks is a good and inexpensive form of marketing (See also The CMO's Guide To 

The Social Media Landscape). It’s also a good idea to send a copy or a hyperlink to your client; they will proudly show them to their friends, thereby expanding your network of future clients. You could also add it to your Blog and/or Website 

Other resources

Pricing — Overcoming Objections, by Jordache Perozzo -

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