Friday, 13 September 2013

Optimum Polymer Technologies ( ONR)

Optimum Polymer Technologies ( ONR) have set the standard in waterless washing by using encapsulating polymers and surfactants to safely remove dirt/grime without causing surface scratching.

Waterless polymer based systems do not require pre-wetting the surfaces. A combination of polymers and surfactant cleaners safely removes dirt and grime and leaves a glossy protective finish. The polymers and surfactants used in these non rinse washes have the capability to bond to dirt particles and act as a barrier between the dirt particles and the paint. The grime and dirt is then trapped in the surfactant, protecting the paint finish without the need to use large amounts of water to flush the dirt off the vehicle.

With our busy schedules it’s very difficult to find enough time to wash your car and what with water restrictions and concerns for the environment it is even more difficult. Even when it's freezing outside it allows you to wash your vehicle. Some communities (condos, housing associations) prohibit the use of the traditional car washing (water hose and bucket) or severely restrict or do not allow car washing due to drought and water restrictions. Low winter temperatures make car washing difficult (and uncomfortable)

Optimum No Rinse™ Wash & Shine

This is the most technologically advanced car wash system that only requires 1-2 gallons of water to wash the entire car. It does not require rinsing since there are no soapy surfactants to wash off into the storm drains. An innovative product that protects automotive paint, while preserving our most valuable resource, water; enabling you to wash your car anywhere, even in freezing temperatures or even inside your garage. It’s a multi-purpose product that serves as a shampoo additive, no rinse wash, quick detailer and clay lubricant.

The science behind this cleaning process is pretty simple. When sprayed on a dirty surface;  surfactants break down the soil by releasing its surface tension or bond with the surface, polymers encapsulate the soil particles in the media used, and  the polymers provide surface lubrication to enable safe (marring free) residue removal using a minimum amount of water. A micro fibre towel is then used to wipe away the dirt.  A second dry microfibre towel is used to help polish away any remaining formula and buff the surface to a clean, streak-free shine.

No rinse contains encapsulating polymers that are soy based and there is no silicone whatsoever in this product. In fact you can paint right over it which would be impossible if it had any silicones. This unique product contains substantive polymers which bond to the paint and protect it during the wash. Therefore, ONR offers better protection and lubricity than a conventional car wash, leaving a sleek finish behind afterwards.

Additional benefits are faster washes, ability to wash anywhere at any time including washing inside the garage during the cold months, no messy water runoffs, and greater looking car finishes.
These are some of the reasons Optimum (OPT) No Rinse™ Wash & Shine New Formula (ONR) is being used by many professional detailers across the country

Used as a winter car wash or in areas that have hosepipe ban, water usage restrictions, or where a water supply is not readily available (apartments, car shows, etc; cleans and protects while minimising water usage, 100% environmentally safe and it reduces water usage to a fraction of a conventional car wash, 1- oz ONR per 2- gallons of water to wash the entire car.

For best results swirl-free results, use Optimum's high lubricity wash Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine along with a towel with a thick nap, 500-600 gram weight in a 16 x 16 –inch size seem to work best.

How does ONR work?

[The polymers in No Rinse have reactive groups that bond and trap dirt particles making the dirt particles virtually non-abrasive. They also bond to oily particles and emulsify them into water.
The latter is equivalent to the cleaning action from soaps which also work by emulsifying oil particles into water. However, with soap there is no interaction with dirt. This is why adding No Rinse to a regular wash also helps protect the paint from dirt particles.

The No Rinse polymers also bond to all automotive surfaces and create a slick surface and act as a barrier to protect paint from marring. That is something that soap will not provide since surfactants in soaps have no affinity for painted or other automotive surfaces.

When you use 1 oz. of No Rinse in 1 or 2 gallons of water for your wash at the molecular level this provides hundreds of billions of polymer molecules to do what was said above. Additional product will not be necessary except if you are using tap water that contains high levels of minerals such as calcium hydroxide or silicates. In these cases some of the polymers will bond to these minerals and take them out of solution therefore more product might be necessary to compensate for this effect. 

This is another reason why adding No Rinse to regular car wash soap improves the results when using tap water. ] - David Ghodoussi - Optimum Polymer Technologies

To remove stains the surface tension that bonds them must be released, then the stain encapsulated and held in suspension to be removed. ONR is an almost waterless wash that doesn’t require rinsing, it’s formulated with surfactants to keep dirt in suspension, avoiding surface contact; it also provides surface lubrication, thereby avoiding surface marring. A surfactant or surface active agent is a substance that, when dissolved in water, gives a product the ability to remove dirt from surfaces. They emulsify the dirt; the polymer protects the paint surface by forming a molecular bond, which remains even after the wash, offering protection comparable to that of a spray wax

ONR is an  ionic wash that contains zwitterions (hybrid) [: a chemical compound that carries a total net charge of 0, thus electrically neutral but carries formal positive and negative charges on different atom]  This allows the polymers to attach to the dirt and form a molecular bond to the surface at the same time. ONR binds the dirt to the wash media intentionally; so you should change washing media as needed

The polymers also bond to automotive paint surfaces and create a slick surface and act as a barrier to protect from marring. That is something that soap will not provide since surfactants in soaps have no affinity for painted surfaces (unlike a polymer).
The polymer protection left behind from ONR is very much dependent upon the water hardness. The polymers bond to the paint surface; this will also provide limited surface protection. That is something that other soaps will not provide since surfactants in soaps have no affinity for painted surfaces. This will have a limited affect on the durability of an applied LSP.

 Optimum Opti™ - Clean

For really dirty surfaces
Based on the same surfactant type polymers used in Optimum (OPT) No Rinse™ Wash & Shine New Formula (ONR) it has increased cleaning ability but is safe for use on all automotive surfaces. ONR works fine for a car with light to medium road dirt while Optimum Opti™ - Clean can be used on a car with several days of built- up road salt, dirt and grime.  The reason is that Opti™ - Clean contains the same polymers as  ONR that encapsulate dirt but at a much higher concentration, as well as additional polymers not used in ONR.

 [While both of these products are pH neutral, Opti™ - Clean contains much higher levels of polymers than No Rinse as well as some new polymers that we developed for this type of application. The added polymers are necessary to compensate for using a fraction of the water as compared to a regular No Rinse wash] David Ghodoussi OPT.

A totally waterless wash that provides some surface protection and  its ideal for a quick clean up or for use when there is no water available (apartments, condominiums, concours d’élégance or car shows) Simply spray Optimum Opti-Clean on any surface and wipe off with a plush microfiber towel till the area is clean and dry.

Always work in a shaded area on a surface that is cool to the touch. Make sure surface is not gritty with dirt or sand to avoid scratching. Optimum Opti™ - Clean water-less wash is designed to wipe away dirt and grime from automotive paint and other surfaces safely and effectively in a spray and wipe application. The substantive polymers encapsulate the dirt and grime to protect the paint from marring while lubricating and bonding to the painted and other automotive surfaces to provide greater protection while leaving a slick glossy finish behind.
 Avoid cross-contamination by using different micro fibre towels for differing surfaces i.e. separate towels for glass, paintwork, wheels, and interior surfaces. Mix an aqueous solution Optimum (OPT) No Rinse™ Wash & Shine New Formula (ONR).diluted 1:3 with distilled water in a spray bottle and fold the towel in quarters.

Bodywork - Spray liberally on painted surfaces and wipe clean with an OPT Foam Wash Mitt or a plush microfiber towel. Fold and use a new section of the towel as needed. When there is heavy dirt build up, use Optimum Opti™ - Clean concentrate

Glass surfaces - using a separate micro fibre towel apply one or two sprays and wipe off with a clean plush microfiber towel.

Wheels and lower paint panels - using a separate micro fibre towel, spray liberally and let it soak for a few seconds and then wipe off.
Road salt - to remove salt and road grit or to clean really soiled surfaces I would suggest a pre-rinse to remove the larger dirt particles first before being washed. Then use the ONR concentrates or the traditional two-bucket wash method or if you have a pressure washer available to remove the larger dirt / salt particles.
The number of towels and how much product you'll use will vary depending on how dirty the vehicle is but an average is five (5) towels per vehicle.

Alternative ONR wash method- Mix an aqueous solution Optimum (OPT) No Rinse™ Wash & Shine New Formula (ONR) diluted 1:3 with distilled water in a spray bottle and a similar solution /in a bucket. Place 10 – 12 micro fibre towels in the bucket, wring one (drying) towel lightly,  mist spray a panel and then take a wet towel and wipe down a panel in one direction only, change to a clean surface of the towel as necessary. When you have cleaned the panel place the used towel in an empty buck for washing later. With the drying towel wipe down the panel, finally with a clean, dry waffle weave micro fibre buff the panel to a shine (Based on a method by Gary Dean)

 if you mix with potable (tap) water the product may lose its colour; this is due to a chemical reaction with the impurities (Calcium and Magnesium) in the water; using a distilled water dilute it will not change.

The Optimum Opti-Mitt 8 Inch Foam Wash Mitt is a soft (80 – 100 PPI) nonabrasive wash mitt designed to be used with Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine and Optimum Car Wash to remove grime without scratching. The porous foam "absorbs" dirt and oil to prevent paint marring. The coarse yellow foam is excellent at cleaning wheels. Use the Opti-Mitt every time you wash your vehicle for safe, swirl-free washing.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Vinyl Auto Body Wrap

Vinyl Auto Body Wrap

Vinyl body wraps are becoming an increasingly popular aftermarket accessory, changing the look of a car as well as preserving the original paint from chips and scratches

Transform your vehicle the quick and easy way with a vinyl wrap (car wrap) will transform the appearance of your vehicle without the need for a costly and permanent re-spray.

• Remove it at any time and return to the vehicle's original finish

• Protect andpreserve the original paintwork

• Change the colour of your vehicle quickly and easily

Vinyl body wraps that is designed to be applied onto paint’s surface to provide maximum protection for as long as the film stays on the paint. There are various brands of paint protection film on the market (3M, Avery, Bekaert, Llumar, Madico, Premier Protective Films and Venture)

Vinyl body wrap has many advantages; it saves time and money on repairs normally requiring bodywork, repairs such as paint chips, car getting keyed, scrapes and scuffs, etc, as the film protects you from all that and keeps the car original and minor body repair work-free.

Regular solid colour vinyl wraps approximately $1,500 -3000, Custom design $2000 – 3,000 (USD April 2011).

Several things to keep in mind:

1. Installation is the key - no bubbles, no wrinkles

2. Also part of installation experience - razor cuts in paint. Be sure to check to see what their warranty is on razor paint cuts.

3. Pre-installation- a completely clean surface free of any products or contaminants is a requirement. Installer’s will use a chemical paint cleaner to enable the adhesives used to adhere efficiently

4. Vinyl can be removed without harming OEM paint. If you have aftermarket paint, then there is a chance of paint coming up with the vinyl

5. Paint can take 1-2 weeks for an entire car. Vinyl can be applied in 2-4 days depending on the shop's capabilities / manpower

6. Retain OEM paint. When you get tired of the vinyl, it can be removed and redone with another colour without affecting the underlying paint

7. Clear Vinyl body wraps allows ultra violet (UV) radiation to pass through the film and fade the paint underneath at the same rate as the exposed paint

8. Do not use products that contain petroleum distillates as urethane absorbs them and causes it to yellow.

9. Always remove stains as soon as possible using a mild solution of d-limonene solvent detergent(P21S Total Auto Wash)

10. Repainting an entire car properly would cost anywhere from $8k-$12k depending on the exact vehicle vs. typical vinyl installations ( ~ $3k Premier Protective Films)

11. In general, the amount of orange peel is directly proportionate with the texture of the liner the material is laminated to. If the liner is made of paper, you will see a higher amount of orange peel. If it is on a smooth, optically clear plastic liner (such as polyester), you will have no orange peel.

12. Care and maintenance recommendations are often dependent upon manufacturers grade of film

Cleaning / Care

Swisswax Opaque products for Matte Satin finish vinyl wraps have been specifically developed (oil free) to ensure that they don’t change the appearance of matt satin paint or vinyl wraps.

1. Wash surface with Swisswax (SV) Opaque Car Bath

2. Prior to wax application the wrap needs to be totally free from oils and dirt. Clean all wrapped surfaces with SV Opaque Pre-cleaner.

3. Spray a 100% cotton micro fibre towel and apply to one panel at a time.

4. Wipe off with a clean 100% cotton towel

5. Apply SV Opaque Wax to one panel at a time, this wax will provide depth without adding a shine

6. Allow to dry for 10 minutes before buffing off and moving to the next section.

7. After the wax has out gassed and set-up, allow 2-3 hours and then buff the surface with a soft 100% cotton micro fibre towel

8. Use Quick Finish Opaque as a quick detailer to remove finger marks and smudges

Alternative products- Optimum Polymer Technologies Opti-Coat 2.0 is a professional grade paint coating that forms a permanent shield on your car’s finish. It is not a wax or paint sealant, both of which are sacrificial in nature and degrade over time, but is a glossy, clear coating that uses advanced resin technology to protect PPF, paint, wheels, plastic trim, metal surface, and head lights