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Cleaning and Care of Vinyl Wrap and Matte Paint

Cleaning and Care of Vinyl Wrap and Matte Paint
These matte/satin paints are becoming more relevant for many different vehicles. They have a higher proportion of diffuse reflection and glossy paints have a greater proportion of specula reflection If polished with traditional polishes the finish will become less matte and glossier over time; do not wet-sand or use conventional wax or use an automatic car wash that uses hot wax in the final rinse, as the flattening agents that cause the matte appearance will become ‘levelled ‘
The textured finish is accomplished by a diffused 30 degree reflection and are retained very close to the clear coat surface. By levelling the surface the light will be reflected evenly and result in a ‘shine’.
Use a machine polisher and an ultra soft, zero abrasive cut (100 PPI) foam pad) with a mild chemical paint cleaner it will remove surface marring and leave it satin matte. Use a clear polymer, the key is to add surface protection and depth without adding gloss.

Swisswax Opaque products for matte finish paint and vinyl wraps have been specifically developed (oil free) to ensure that they don’t change the appearance in matt paint or vinyl wraps.

1. Wash surface with Swisswax (SV) Opaque Car Bath and a 100 % cotton pile SV Waschpudel

2. Prior to wax application the wrap needs to be totally free from oils and dirt. Clean all wrapped surfaces with SV Opaque Pre-cleaner.

3. Spray a 100% cotton micro fibre towel and apply to one panel at a time.

4. Wipe off with a clean 100% cotton towel

5. Apply SV Opaque Wax to one panel at a time, this wax will provide depth without adding a shine

6. Allow to dry for 10 minutes before buffing off and moving to the next section.

7. After the wax has out gassed and set-up, allow 2-3 hours and then buff the surface with a soft 100% cotton micro fibre towel

8. Use Quick Finish Opaque as a quick detailer to remove finger marks and smudges

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