Saturday, 3 February 2018

Process over Product

A product represents a very small percentage of the detailing equation; identification of the materials, correct diagnosis of a suitable method and the selection of an appropriate product along with the correct surface preparation and application methodology will result in the desired result being obtained
One product doesn’t fit all; use high-end products on high-end cars and use medium-end products on low-end cars. Not every project deserves to be gold plated but when you need durability and great looking end results buy good products and learn the variables of using them.

The aesthetics- of the appearance of a vehicle is usually based upon an emotional reaction and is very subjective, to say the least, the only best wax or sealant that really matters is what looks 'best' to you. In the final analysis, it all comes down to; 85% preparation, 5% product, 7% application methodology (an unquantifiable % is in the skill of the person polishing the surface) and the balance is in the ‘guy’ of the beholder

Always keep an open mind and I would also strongly suggest that you verify any information that I or anyone else shares with you. Be pro-active and research others opinions and products, test them and then make an objective decision based on the factual information gained from research. Don’t regard any source as something you can entirely rely upon, least of all marketing hype or brand loyalty.

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