Friday, 3 April 2015

Optimum Polymer Tecnologies (OPT) - Optimum FerreX

Here’s a fact that might surprise you: the only point when your paint isn't contaminated with iron particulates is the day it was manufactured. If your vehicle has been parked outside for a week or transported by train, airborne chemical compounds in the form of ferric oxides (brake or rail dust) will attack the paint and penetrate the paint matrix

Vehicle manufacturer studies have shown that failure to remove environmental contaminants (like embedded rail dust, acid rain, industrial fallout and other environmental contaminants) can cause premature degradation of the paint system.

Rail Dust [: (ferrous oxide FeO) from the day a new car is shipped its surface is under attack. The railcar its sitting in is showered with airborne metal particles from the friction of the trains brakes and the rails. These ferrous metal particles embed themselves into the paint and will eventually oxidize and form rust corrosion under the clear coat]

Brake Dust [: sintered ferrous oxide FeO) particles from your own and passing vehicles will also get embedded in your paint.]

Optimum FerreX is a powerful cleaner that bonds to and dissolves ferrous oxides FeO (iron particles) from all exterior surfaces including paint, wheels, glass and chrome. This acid-free, pH-balanced iron remover protects your vehicle’s exterior surfaces from long term damage caused by corrosive iron deposits. 

In addition to removing iron deposits, Optimum FerreX Iron Remover cleanses your paint of tar and old waxes, leaving the paint clean and ready for polishing. It changes colour as it dissolves iron particles

Removes heavy brake dust from wheels and ferrous iron particles have already started to penetrate the paint. What does this mean for your car? While it’s a relatively slow process, these iron deposits will eat away at the clear coat over time, causing permanent damage.

It quickly and safely dissolves ferrous oxides from exterior surfaces, leaving your paint, wheels, glass and chrome squeaky clean and contaminant free. Furthermore, it will dissolve and remove other surface contaminants such as tar and wax at the same time. A multi-purpose exterior cleaner that makes it fast and easy to remove the contaminants that hinder the true gloss potential of your vehicle’s paint.

Wheels receive more iron contaminants than any other part of your vehicle, making them a perfect candidate for a cleansing, it will show you that it’s working by turning red as it dissolves iron particles

Easy to use. Simply wash the desired surface with Optimum Car Wash, rinse thoroughly, spray FerreX directly onto the surface and allow 1-2 minutes of dwell time. Agitate with a sponge or brush as needed and rinse off with a strong jet of water.

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