Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Leather Care - CliffNotes® Version

Automotive finished leather upholstery is a multi-strata urethane coating; consisting of the actual hide, colour pigmentation and the surface finish. An acrylic and polyurethane resin binder system is used to improve flexibility, fastness and adhesion to the leather, then two or three water-based pigmented base coat applications, and then a clear water-based top coat is applied, which usually includes additives to give it a soft feel and a limited amount of ‘slide’ to assist in entering and exiting the vehicle as the final stage of the finishing process.

Many of the following statements are controversial and disagree with popular leather care practices. We've found that some leather care myths are deliberately perpetuated by the industry, especially those on the use of oil based leather conditioners and others are just common errors of judgment. Here is the inside story that the manufacturers don't want you to know.
Three Step Care

1. Maintenance / Care- remove surface dirt and dust – use a soft brush, vacuum and then use a clean, damp cloth to ensure hydration.

2. Cleaning - Leather Masters™ Foam Cleaner is a solvent free pump action product, which is extremely efficient for the cleaning of general soiling and water based stains. Always pre-test the product on an inconspicuous area. This cleaner is an aerosol version of Leather Master™ Strong Cleaner. Allow product to remain in place (amount of product will be dependent upon level of soiling) and then gently agitate, finally remove with a damp micro fibre towel

3. Protection - to ensure the leather remains soft and supple apply Leather Masters Soft Touch and allow to dry. And then apply Leather Masters Protection Cream with a dry micro fibre towel and allow to dry

Always remember you are dealing with the finished coating on the leather and not with the leather hide itself

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