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TOGWT, I love you're extensive technical/chemical knowledge on the subject matter. Been reading your insightful and important replies for years. Thanks.
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Originally Posted by TOGWT

“Proper Finished Leather Cleaning and Care” -

I'm really enjoying reading your blog. I wish I had seen it before today.

I find your scientific approach to detailing really interesting
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I am a detailer in northern ca. My name is Ben. You are the most informed person on detailing Ive ever read. Thank you for your in depth informative articles.
Ben Smith

Wow! I love threads like this. I need to just dedicate a full week just to sit down and read TOGWT's articles, lol. so much to learn. and lots of other info such as the griots cleaners and preps from other members too. thanks guys

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After washing (and as TOGWT mentioned, pressure washers are a no no), we used an AeroShell polishing compound (it was pretty much a rocks-in-a-bottle compound with strong chemical cleaning action) either by hand or by rotary with an 8" wool pad.

We used extra soft bristled tooth brushes to remove polish/wax from around rivets. While this would be enough to make the average Autopian cringe, it was pretty much the only way to do it at the time.

TOGWT's above post is pretty much spot on, IMO. He's pretty well covered it.

Originally Posted by TOGWT

Their main food source in summer is mostly insects and seeds, in the winter/ spring it’s berries, which are very acidic, and if left for any length of time the will cause the porous clear coat to occlude (a non-transparent ‘clouded’ area) or may cause etching (a depression in the paint or glass surfaces)

Birds use gravel to help digest their food, predatory birds (owls, hawks, etc hunt and kill mice and small animals, so ground light weight bone fragments, sand and grit are some of the major components, which can cause scratching.

Avoid using a quick detailer (QD) spray or a sealant to flush residue, as they usually contain either carnauba wax or polymers, which will seal in the acid and not allow it to dissipate. Take your time and be careful with its removal, these acids should be removed as quickly as possible. If the affected paintwork is not neutralized any remaining acid residue will be reactivated by moisture and heat.

• Limonene (citrus-based) cleaner (P21S Total Auto Wash) will both emulsify and neutralize the acid or use an alkaline rinse of baking soda and water as soon as is practical is highly recommended.
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Bird Excrement -

Great info!

i feel I'm becoming more smarter hanging around with G37 friends here haha~ its more like a science learning opportunity!
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It is always good to be acknowledged for the work you do - it is good that all our hard work over the years is beginning to pay off when articles like this are written by accepted voices of the industry.

Much praise

Professional Leather Care Consultant 
Technical Director and Resident Instructor LTT
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I would just like to extend my thanks to you for consistently posting unbiased detailing information for the masses here and everywhere else you post. Someday I hope to have the chance to meet you and shake your hand with your extensive knowledge of the materials we work on and the products we use to clean, polish, degrease each substrate. Exactly how my grandpa taught me how to detail. Identify, Test, Use, Review, etc.
Blake S
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Originally Posted by TOGWT 
Detailing and Care of White / Silver Paint -

kick ass post on autopia.could not reitterate this combo enough. Collinite #845 Liquid Insulator Wax or #476s Super Doublecoat Auto Wax
super happy with them
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Wow! Thanks. Any advice coming from you...I know it's the best.
Also, I've used color-plus products and own the conditioner oil. I toured their home office and met the family (husband & wife--nice people) who owns the company years ago when our BMW CCA chapter hosted a event there.

I'll be sure to get both of these products along with a professional masking tape to avoid scrubbing/rubbing wear on the seam which is adjacent to the stain.
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Another great read by TOGWT
Detailers World


I think it is great that you help educate people on these complicated issues. I agree with you that you should look for other sources than the manufacturers for information and that is the reason I do not usually get involved with forum discussions. That is why I never get involved in discussions relating to product performance.
David Ghodoussi
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This is an "excellent" presentation!
I can not recommend enough, that everyone who truly wishes to understand the finishes they are so concerned about, take the time to read this, not once, not twice, but at least three times, then print it out and keep it for reference

Very, very fine presentation of real facts!
I commend you!
Ron Ketchum
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First and foremost, this is a great thread and many thanks to Jon for taking the time to post and share some of his valuable information with the community: always a pleasure to read what he has to say. This is meant with no offense to any of the gentleman that I hold in high regard. Jon, Ron, Dr. G, etc all have great backgrounds and have likely done more for professional car care than I ever will.
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Totally agree with above. If it's an obscure detailing question TOWGT usually has the answer.
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"You rock".
Thank you for all the post about leather care your knowledge is amazing!
6speedonline forum

As usual, your posts are great. This one though, was a revelation. Thanks for all the info, keep it coming. I always learn something from you
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Amazing! togwt has probably forgotten more about detailing than I will ever know!
Thank you for posting this!

Detailing Bliss
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Thank U for continuing to educate us in each and every aspect of car care

6speedonline Forum

Everything I've ever read that TOGWT has written about detailing and car care has been extremely accurate, understandable to owners, and are easy to implement with great results. Keep up the great work!

Bob Jones

Thank you TOGWT.....I’m honored.

I’m sure most of you have read "TOGWT"s replies in various threads, here and as well as other well known detailing forums. His threads are always concise, and very well constructed. His signature of "knowledge unshared is wasted" is provoking to say the least.
TOGWT is allowing to host some of his documents online, for all to view, on my website link called "Quick Tips". He will attempt to provide me with these valuable tips and information tidbits, at his convenience, upon which i will add to the Excel "Quick Tips" page. This will grow to an online reference source for all Acurazine members as well as detail enthusiasts.
I wanted to express my sincerest appreciation to Jon for allowing me this opportunity.

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Originally Posted by TOGWT - Black Chrome
Damn, I've now read 2 posts from you and I now know more new things about detailing than I could have imagined! Thanks for the professional advice.

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I've enjoyed TOGWT's posts for years and give the guy great respect for his knowledge.
If there ever is a Detailer's Hall of Fame, TOGWT should be the first member, he knows that much, and besides, he owns one of the most beautiful vehicles in the world, the Jag. XKE.
I'm just terribly envious!

Detailers World
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Hey TOGWT, I really enjoy reading your authoritative and informative information. Keep it up!

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Thank you so much for the effort to share so many good articles in detailing school. I have also read many of your article in detailing Wiki. I have been reading a lot on your articles but got to refer back from time to time to re-confirm and re-digest certain info. Is there by any chance do you have a compile version regarding detailing or even thought of making a e-book? It would be extremely handy and beneficial...

Detailing Bliss Forum

Hello have helped me so many times with your vast knowledge and expertise. I followed you direction and put the pinnacle wax over my zaino'd finish on my jet black BMW, and i must say it is stunning...I was wondering if I could now go over it with z-8 and then back over it with the sovereign? Thanks so much.

Detailing Bliss Forum

Superior write-up of how to put a Vette in storage, this is the best overall coverage of the topic that I've seen. Thanks!

CF Senior Member (Corvette Forum)

thank you this is what I was looking for outstanding

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Hi togwt,
I'm a noob to Autopia, but have been a lurker for several months.
While all the threads and members are pretty great, there appear to be some who are more experienced than others and whose opinions seem to be based upon reality over perception to a greater degree. In a post last Jan. you stated :"I used polyester Micro fibre when they first came out (Pinnacle brand from Autogeek) and compared them with 100% cotton (DFTowel) micro fibre using an adaptation of “Dark field microscopy”, this did show micro scratches from both materials but far less for the cotton towels. Needless to say they have been * my * towel of choice ever since."
Which towels and source do you personally use? Thanks,

Mike (Mike_88Z51)

wow, that was exactly what i was looking for.. thanks very much TOGWT. have you done this personally? what were your results? close to brand new leather?

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TOGWT, Please let me know if you obtain the melting point and polymer info from Collinite. I would really like to try it, but with 100 degree summers in Memphis, I remain concerned about durability.
Thanks for your informed and imminently logical posts.

Steve Anderson
slawinlaw (Autopia)

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Thanks TOGWT, you help us all out so much with your articles

Detailing Bliss

Thank you so much for the effort to share so many good articles in detailing school. I have also read many of your article in detailing Wiki. I have been reading a lot on your articles but got to refer back from time to time to re-confirm and re-digest certain info. Is there by any chance do you have a compile version regarding detailing or even thought of making a e-book? It would be extremely handy and beneficial...

Truth in Detailing

Glad to see you over here. All hobbyists and professionals alike can use the wealth of information you provide.

Truth in Detailing

Wow Jon, absolutely floored that you are here!!! You have SO MUCH information to share, I hope you will do this forum an honor (honour ) and share it for all!!!
Thanks for joining up!

Truth in Detailing

Welcome! Every time you post, I learn something... glad to see you made it here!

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Originally Posted by Solidsnake
This dude has an answer for everything, wow I'm impressed.
That dude, Jon, has a wealth of knowledge from many years of detailing and I have learned so much from him, as a lot of us have. I am grateful to him for participating in this forum so much. I appreciate his time and effort.

Originally Posted by PresidentialDetails
TOGWT welcome to luxury for play. I enjoy reading your stuff, hopefully others here will catch on to your vast amount of knowledge!!! thanks for joining.
Barry this is an understatement!!!!! Togwt has forgot more than we all know combined

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TOGWT, your information is always the most comprehensive and entirely relevant material vis-a-vis a given issue that i read anywhere on the web. Please keep it up and thanks for the effort.

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hi there
I just wanted to say that every time you post something i read it, and study it. I often go to truth in detailing just to your writings. After 11 years I have this stuff down to a science, but you really give me the reason why things work and I love that. When your book comes out please tell me. I want a copy. Anyway thanks for all your knowledge.
Barry Theal

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Your post brightens my minds and i understand now about oxidation. Thanks for sharing this article.

Detailing Paradise

We would be honoured to have you as our resident expert in your field, and I am more than happy for you to promote your manual. It looks like it makes for some interesting reading!
Yours (lesser educated!) John

Flash Gordon
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TOGWT you are a tremendous asset to Truth In Detailing. I have learned more from you then any other person on any other site. You are Tha Man

Hi, Sorry I don't know your first name, I just wanted to say thanks for all your very informative post!
I can't tell you how much I have learned over just the past couple of months from your posts.
Much thanks and have a great weekend.

Bob Ficucell @ Detail Dr.


Togwt, thanks for your ongoing posts of these awesome articles. I've learnt a lot from them & I always find them very informative & extremely helpful.
It would be wise if you could posts all your articles under one section, which either Nica (Carlos) or any admin/moderator can make a stickie; that way it will be easily accessible for reference.
Once again, thanks for your contributions &, please, keep up the good work!

Rickrack - Truth in Detailing

Very informative write-up Jon!
I really enjoy reading your posts. They are always filled with lots of useful information. Thanks for sharing it with us

Senior Member Autogeek

Originally Posted by TOGWT
These are both 'safe' to use (human contact or paint / trim etc) as FK1 are no longer using Oxalic acid
Jon, once again you are a treasure trove of very valuable information! Thank you!

Truth in Detailing

Great info! I agree with everything.

Johnny Quid
Detailing Bliss

As always TOGWT your advices are clear, concise and very useful.
Thank you very much.

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I am curious to see how the new IICRC training compares to the one i had years ago. The reason i signed up for the training was your posts. I put a lot of weight into what you have to say. you have given me some things to think about and research, so off to class i go.

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Hi, I find your posts in the Concours and Car Care Forum very insightful and a real service to the P-car community. You often cite excerpts from your "Technical Detailing Papers". Would it be possible to obtain a copy of said papers, please. Many thanks in advance. /alex

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TOGWT, just wanted to chime in and thank you for the detailed information you provide and in a way even I can understand. I seem to get a big "ah ha" when you explain things we have all wondered about........

Detailing Bliss

This could be the boble!
WOW! You really did your homework. This is an outstanding source of detailed information on the entire gamut of leather and leather care. It's well written, well researched and extremely informative, and worth the time it takes to read it. Thank you for the exceptional effort!

Dr. Bob
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This was posted here and has the most definitive answers to leather I have seen!
Also has a bunch of great other links. TOGWT™ Detailing Article Series DB Hyperlinks


Quote: Originally Posted by togwt - Automotive paint is porous, by using an acid salt solution on the paint surface the micro-fissures (‘pores’) are expanded by an exothermic reaction (heat is evolved when water and acid mix together) This releases ferrous particles and caustic compounds that have developed in the paint's subsurface means it agitates and loosens the particles allowing them to be rinsed away.

Hi Jon
thank you for the well chemistry process explanations.

Bimmerfest Forum
Location: Tennessee will do well (as well anyone else) to read and understand TOGWT's words. Follow his links and you will find that to follow his advise you must become educated in the essential science of the production of the products used to maintain you automobile. If you are lazy then you will just buy what is popular and recommend it based on the smell. If you really want to understand what products to use for the various details of maintaining your expensive car then this man is a wealth of knowledge. And not always does it cost an arm and a leg. Contrary, many (most) times his advise will save you money and time.

Truth in Detailing

Although this isn't exactly what you asked for it does help explain the differences when polishing different hardness paints - and

This and many other helpful articles were written by Jon Miller (aka TOGWT) and are available at The man is a walking encyclopaedia of detailing.

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Originally Posted by TOGWT
See this article -
If you're not sure of the leather finish in your car see this article -

THANKS!!! You're the man. I read alot of your posts on leather care in this section too and I'm very appreciative of your knowledge, even it some of it's over my head

Detailing Bliss
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Wow Jon, if you would've type out a couple more paragraphs you would've taken an entire page
Thanks for posting this info. I see threads all the time asking "How to become a Professional Detailer" now I have a link

Location: Oregon City, OR

Amazing! togwt has probably forgotten more about detailing than I will ever know!
Thank you for posting this!

Hello from Greg @ Detailed Image

First and foremost I just want to thank you for your positive contributions to this forum and detailing in general. It's always a pleasure to read your posts and learn something new.
Someone recently asked a question under the thread "Ask a Professional Detailer" about removing painted pin stripes. By any chance do you have a good write up on this process? Any input you have on the subject would be appreciated by me and the person who posted the question.
Thanks again for all your great posts and I look forward to see what you might have for this question.

MBWorld Fanatic!

Originally Posted by supo
I have 2006 SL500 base model. That's the kind of leather I have.
How's that saying go? You can give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. But teach him how to fish and he'll eat forever.
Follow TOGWT's easy how-to info and you'll be living large.

Shea's Luxury Detail

^^^^^^^+1TOGWT is here! Seen you before on DW. Welcome to the boards! Another detail guru! Your wealth of knowledge is sure to be more than welcome here. Welcome again.

Senior Member

Welcome! Good to see you here. I always enjoy your articles, they are very informative and I always learn something new from them.


RE: Science of Detailing
I've learned a lot from many of your posts - can you send be the url for “The Science of Detailing” articles to which you've referred. I think those articles would make for some great reading.

Detailing Bliss

Thanks Togwt for all the great and useful posts you make. I love reading the posts you make and they are very informative. So im just saying thanks and i hope you continue to do some of your posts.

Rennlist Member

TOGWT - Five decades....and your experience shines through. No one else provides the detail that you do. Thanks a million.

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Detailers World
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Good on ya TOGWT. Your an excellent source of info for those in the game
Sticky paint can be overcome quite easily and as TOGWT explained, that is the main cause

Bimmerfest Forum

gotta hand it to togwt, he gets down into it on all his responses!

Dream Machines
Detailers World
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I love you TOGWT. Another great article
This is the exact reason why I used Finish Kare Decon system and still use silicone removers from standox, glasurit etc prior to polishing
One ingredient in my own decon system gravitates into the pores and removes a tonne of impurities. It definately works as it is used prior to painting/blending in many crash shops

Mary S
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TOGWT, I love the informative articles you post. May I ask how one would gain access to the Detailing Technical Papers library? I had no success trying to search the internet to find it.

Platinum Sponsor 6speedonline
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^^I like this guy. I couldn't have said it better. I must say I have tried the products you have recommended and they work great. I grabbed some junk parts from our service department, used the polishing soap on some neglected parts and then also sprayed on the wheel cleaners. I let them sit in the sun for half a day with no etching.
Great input

Marine Blue
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As always a very detailed reply and very helpful The comment about buying the brass version is especially important, it's the plastic parts of my Griot’s Foamer which are falling apart.

of AutoLavish Fame
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You're one of the best voices in detailing education. I've learned a lot from some of your articles and the knowledge you help spread and I have a lot of respect for you and your opinions.

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Ok.... that makes sense... You have obviously done this more than a few times. Thanks for a heaping of expertise.

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^^^ wow.. a "Lambogenis"!


Luxury4Play Forum Gold Sponsor – Northwest

Much praise

I would just like to extend my thanks to you for consistently posting unbiased detailing information

for the masses here and everywhere else you post. Someday I hope to have the chance to meet you

and shake your hand with your extensive knowledge of the materials we work on and the products

we use to clean, polish, degrease each substrate. Exactly how my grandpa taught me how to detail.

Identify, Test, Use, Review, etc.

Happy Christmas to you, Jon and thanks for sharing your considerable knowledge with the rest of us. I've learned a lot from your posts. Jeff

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