Monday, 1 June 2015

Detailing Door Jambs (Door Shuts)

Ferrari Door Shuts

1. Use P21S® High Performance Total Auto Wash or Optimum No Rinse (ONR), dilute the cleaner as necessary, using a damp micro fibre towel to go over the door jamb to remove excess grease etc.

2. Ensure all water drainage holes are clear

3. Take a Swissvax Detail Brush and ensure that you have got into the corners, just lightly brush over it a couple of times.

4. For difficult to reach areas use the Mini E-Z Detail brush with a flexible shaft

5. Rinse it off using a wet microfiber towel, and dry thoroughly

6. Use a Carnauba wax or a spray (WOWA) polymer sealant Opti-Seal™ or Zaino Z-8 for protection

7. Repeat this process on the other side and carry on detailing the rest of your car

8. Check the hinge / latch lubrication, renew with a clear synthetic grease (Wurth Spray Grease Synthetic Lubricant) or white Lithium grease, as necessary

9. Apply WD-40 (water displacement) to lock as this will prevent moisture, rust and or freezing

10. Apply Graphite Lubricant to the door locks, hinges and latches

11. Remove dust / dirt from the rubber sleeves and apply Iz einszett Vinyl-Rubber Care'

12. While you are doing this part of the job, also clean the area around the boot lid, hood and inside the fuel filler flap and access area.

13. Clean the water channels in the trunk as well as under the hood.

Don’t forget the door sills / kick plates; use P21S® High Performance Total Auto Wash or Optimum Power Clean™) once clean and dry, they should be protected by applying a surface dressing to vinyl surfaces and either wax or sealant protection to painted surfaces.

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