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The Cardinal Rules of Detailing

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To be of real practical use, a subject like automotive detailing requires a great deal of research, and updating as new products become available. The advent of materials like detailing clay, micro fibre technologies and finely milled micro diminishing abrasives, suitable for ceramic nanotechnology paints are examples of why it’s so important to monitor the industries new products, chemical technologies and ideas that are constantly being introduced, as are the techniques for applying them, hence all of the in-depth articles will be up-dated and revised on a regular basis

The Cardinal Rules of Detailing

1.             Protection from Potential Health Hazards, work safe. As in all things, allow common sense to prevail and proceed with due caution
2.             Always choose the least intrusive product, it is preferable to polish 2-3 times to restore the paint film surface than to use an unnecessarily abrasive machine polish / foam pad combination. Sometimes a chemical paint cleaner will suffice
3.             Proper washing and paint surface drying, these techniques are the best way to avoid the need for polishing.
4.             It cannot be emphasized enough ‘Apply products very sparingly’ Ease of product removal is inversely proportional to the amount used
5.             Diagnosis is the key, not guess work
6.             Become educated on what different materials are used in vehicles and how to tell the differences between them
8.             Before using a cleaning product a detailer needs to know the material they are working on, what they are trying to remove and wither the product chosen is compatible with the material and will not damage it.
9.             After checking the pH value of the cleaner, always carry out a pre-test spot procedure before using a cleaning product
10.           Always select a chemical / cleaner that are biodegradable, environmentally friendly and safe to use by observing any precautions recommended so that they won’t harm you, your vehicle or the environment

I would like to think that these articles become an asset to anyone who is new to detailing and to professionals alike, as well as industry experts who seek to advance their knowledge.
I hope the above article was informative. By having some understanding of the ‘What’ and ‘Why’ as well as the ‘How’ along with a little science to help you understand how the chemicals we use react, you can achieve the results you desire.

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