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Reference sources and bibliography used for leather articles

Having been involved in detailing some of the world’s finest classic and high-end exotic and luxury automobiles for five decades TOGWT®  is the first place both Professional and Enthusiast detailer’s look to for an  uncompromising level of unbiased  technical and scientific knowledge. Working closely with the industry’s leading-edge product manufacturers from around the world means the best technology and product advice is available to enable you to care for your automobile.

The old grey whistle test (TOGWT aka Jon Miller) when I first started writing these detailing guides I realized that it would be very detailed (no pun intended) because of my penchant to include not just “How it works, but also “Why” it works, as well as an explanation of the scientific terminology. With that in mind I probably respond with more detail than some think is necessary. But try to write in a way that helps the reader to understand not only "How" to do something, but "Why" they are doing it. I then considered how I could simplify things; however the only way to accomplish this would be to omit necessary information and that didn't feel right to me

Reading these articles will not improve your detailing skills, lead to a successful business or change your life. Applying what you learn from it, however, will. That's where your commitment comes in - you need to make a commitment to yourself right now that you will take action on what you learn.

With a background in the physical and chemical sciences and decades in the performance coatings industry it is my intent to educate, based on five plus decades of experience; passing on to my readers the dynamics that take place; the cause and effect not just “How” it works, but also “Why” it works, as well as an explanation of the scientific terminology and chemicals involved with detailing products and helps to maintain the focus on the process as much as the results. I try to write in a way that helps the reader to understand the technical and scientific facts along with any relevant chemical information, but if you’ve read any of my forum posts / threads you'll already understand just what I mean

I've always believed in empowering my reader’s with facts based on knowledge, experience and scientific facts as opposed to marketing hype and letting them make their own logical decisions. Because I’m passionate about what I do and care about making sure detailing is a safe, fun and rewarding experience for the enthusiast and professional detailer

Recommended Products
In the interest of full disclosure, I am in no way affiliated with, employed by, have any vested interest, or in any way receive compensation from the sale or distribution of the product lines reviewed or the company that manufactures or markets it.

I have always thought that the more facts and information you have at hand the easier it is to judge what information you are being given. After all, how can you fully understand and properly use any product unless you have all the facts? In the final analysis; it’s your vehicle, your hard earned money and your choice.

The following list may help you in your own research-

1.             Leather Technician's Handbook by J.H. Sharphouse
2.             Practical Leather Technology by T.C. Thorstensen.
3.             Books on Leather -
4.             How to keep Luxurious Connolly Leather Young and Supple. Krysti Pavlisko 1998
5.             How to Restore Auto Leather. D Briggs 2001
6.             Detailing your car for concourse competition Chuck & Sandy Imperatori
7.             Irving Tanning Leather Glossary
8.             Learning Centre a division of TCP GLOBAL/Auto Body DEPOT
9.             Leather Care Facts Leatherique 2003
10.           IICRC S300 Leather Cleaning Method

Information resource
1.             Wikipedia Encyclopaedia
2.             American Leather Chemists Association, various technical papers / articles
3.             Leather Care Facts. Leatherique 2003 - Home Page | Leatherique Restoration Products
4.             The Leather Institute (Townsend Leather Group) Leather Institute: Home
5.             Article in the Leather Training & Technical Dept. Ltd website -
6.             IICRC Reference Guide for Professional Upholstery Cleaning (IICRC S300)
7.             Upholstery cleaning is based upon methods recommended by the Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Institute (CUCI)
8.             The Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH)
9.             Leather Research Laboratory, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati OH
10.           Society of Leather Technologists and Chemists (SLTC) various technical papers / articles
11.           Leather Master„¢ - Leather Master UK
12.           Leather Magic„¢ - Leather Magic Leather Repair Cleaner Conditioner dye Restoration and 

Protection Products
1.           Global Care Solutions, LLC, 354 Hiatt Dr, Palm Beach Gardens, FL, 33418 - 1-800-292-3777
2.           IICRC Course Descriptions: Leather Cleaning Technician - Welcome to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification! The Certifying Body for the Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Industry, Representing Certified Firms and Technicians World-Wide - International

Material Resources
1.             Leather World Tech (Dyes (Pigments) adhesives, and etc. - Glues & Adhesives - Leather Couch Cleaner: Vinyl Repair Kits: Leather Dye:
2.             Leather Pigments (Dye)
3.             World Upholstery & Trim - World Upholstery & Trim, U.S.A. Manufacturer of Auto Upholstery, Carpet, Convertible Tops, Car Seats, Headliners & Door Panel Parts for Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Jaguar, Fiat, Ferrari and Alfa. 800-222-9577
4.             Leather Magic Leather Repair System -. Leather Magic leather repair care restoration dye products
5.             Replacements leather car seat covers GAHH: Convertible Tops, Auto Interiors, and Quality Convertible Tops
6.             Customized Factory Interiors- (Welcome to
7.             Leather Restoration Tools & Supplies - Hog Ring Pliers | Frost Auto Restoration Techniques

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