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Interior Cleaning Tools

There are various tools that can be used to reduce the labour required to clean interior; dash, air vents, control cluster, gear shift control panel and etc.– Steam, Dry Ice or a Tornador cleaning tool

Tornador air/liquid cleaning tool

[: Venturi effect is the reduction in fluid pressure that results when a fluid flows through a constricted section of pipe] 

A spinning Venturi tube that dispenses the air and liquid or you can use just air if you turn the liquid off; it creates a vortex that causes the dirt to be drawn up the white funnel. It vacuums dirt and residue and you just place it in water and use a short blast of air through it and self-cleans. Makes interior cleaning more efficient and easier but the expense of the tool and the air supply just makes it a little too expensive for enthusiast detailers.

Tornador air/liquid cleaning tool- this product is totally unique; its air driven oscillating tip and nozzle creates a Venturi (tornado) cleaning action that tackles some of the most challenging jobs. Save time and product costs. Clean dirty car interiors faster and better, for cleaning hard vinyl, plastic, storage pockets, nooks, crannies, consoles, dashboards, and other hard to reach areas of automotive interiors. It uses a unique pressurized air process to spray a mixture of water and soap (
P21s Total Auto Wash, diluted as necessary) onto a dirty surface. After wiping area with a towel or brushing area simply turn a lever to air purge and help dry the cleaned surfaces. Requires a minimum air pressure of 5.0 CFM @ 60 to 90 PSI, for optimum performance (max 110 PSI)

Be cognizant that if you use chemicals ensure you use suitable personal protection equipment (PPE) minimum safety glasses and an approved filtered face mask

The Tornador gun is perfect for a wide range of applications, including:


• Hard to reach areas – vents, seat belt holders and seat rails, gearshift boot, door pockets, joins between trim.
• Delicate surfaces – leather upholstery (Alcantara ®, Ultrasuede™, Ecsaine, Micro suede, etc., and headlining.
• Vinyl dash and Cleaning and restoring texture to floor mats and upholstery.
Door sills

• Hard to reach areas – panel gaps, trim, around badges
• Removing water or polish residue from crevices and panel gaps
• Light / medium engine detailing and drying
• Convertible fabric and vinyl tops
• Motorcycles

Air Blow Out Tool - great tool to use to blow out auto interiors to remove debris from underneath seats, pockets, rear shelf’s above seats, etc. We also like this tool to assist with drying and dressing wet engines after power washing and detailing them. This tool offers a much wider air dispense opening.

Cone Brush - easily attaches to the Cleaning Tool, to loosen dirt in hard to reach areas. Soft bristles will not scratch. Rotation vibrates bristles for constant cleaning. Creates safe distance for delicate areas to be cleaned, the Cone Brush will help deflect loose debris.

               Note: By trimming the bristles on this brush about half way down you will obtain better results for detailing and cleaning car interiors when using this brush to scrub with.

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